2023 Palisade Reveal- collages
Hyundai USA revealed its 2023 Palisade in this virtual world premiere. We used Unreal Engine to create the virtual stage. The stage set had LED video walls used to provide "in-camera composites." The production team projected pre-rendered content like environments on the LED walls, which served as dynamic green screens of sorts. 

XR Stage Design in Unreal Engine
XR Stage Design in Unreal Engine
XR Stage Setup

Directed by MBA Produstions
Creative Director        /      Marty Brinkerhoff, Eric Brinkerhoff
Stage Design     /     Jon Stoll, Will Jan
Model        /     Jon Stoll, Sabrina Salinas, Will Jan
Lighting    /     Travis Poe, Justin Nguyen, Will Jan
Music        /     Diviners feat. Contacreast - Tropic Love

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